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How to Wield the Power to Influence People – Abel Wealth

By on March 18, 2020

How to Wield the Power to Influence People - Abel Wealth

To wield the power to influence people, you must be willing to go extra miles.

Abel Wealth

During my childhood days, I had so many admires and few friends, I wasn’t the regular kind of guy that interact and associate with many folks. Yet something stood out in my character, I observed my friends considered my opinion more when it comes to decision making and strategizing.

Though I wasn’t the eldest among my click of friends back in high school, in fact I had the most innocent face among them, but I was the brain behind virtually all the decisions we made.

During high school, everyone had their crew. There were the big girls who skipped classes and hang-out under the tree to gist and gossip, we had the big boys who broke school rules and hunt down junior students for fun. There were also the intelligent guys, gentle and stubborn at the same time.

I happen to belong to the last group.

We had so much loves from the females, even our seniors at that time fancied the way we acted up and the things we did. In my crew, we were 4 guys; I was the youngest, yet the smartest. Our popularity in school at that time couldn’t be ignored due to our uniqueness.

Hmm how I missed those days…

My influence on friends didn’t stop at high school days, even in college I made new friends and still maintained my influence on them.

Kindly note, it is not easy to make friends who are loyal to you, you need to wield the power of influence and that is what this article will centre on; “Wielding the power of influence.”

There are some characteristic and trait you have to inculcate in you in order to posse the power of influencing people most especially your friends.

These traits would be discussed as we move on.

This fact cannot be altered; “some people are born-leaders while some others are made-leaders.”

People who are born into a monarch family like the “prince and princesses” are automatically born-leaders irrespectively of whether they wish for it or not. The inherent genes are passed to them by their parents, so naturally they have the carriage and charisma to influence people.

For this set of people, the purpose of this article might not favour them, because they already posses an embedded leadership skills and influential tendency.

However, for those who wish to wield the power to influence people’s decision, these characteristic have to be considered and inculcated in your approach of life.


  • To influence people, you need to have something they want

This point is at the highest hierarchy, reason being that:

“People get attracted to you naturally for different reasons; some could be as a result of your charisma, looks, character, money, etc. If you wish to have a strong impact on them and influence their decision, you need to posses something that attracts them to you.”

Have you observed little babies get comfortable and happy when they play with well-dressed people but cry when an ugly looking fellow plays with them?

Yes I have seen this happen…

The same thing applies to people, to have that power of influence you need to give them something in return, “it’s the glaring truth.” You can’t wield the power to influence people when you have nothing to offer in return. “Life is an exchange”, “if you need respect, you have to earn it, like money.” You can’t influence someone who doesn’t respect you.

  • Have the ability to give willingly without expecting something in return

It doesn’t just stop at having what people want as mentioned above, you also need to have the ability to give willingly without demanding something in return.

In my future post I will be writing on “The Power of Giving”, here I will show you how giving aids living.

The giving hands is always at the top, while the receiving hands is bellow, whenever you give a man something, he is automatically indebted and loyal to you. You can choose to demand that debt anytime. This is why it is always blessed to give than to receive.

To influence people, you have to be a dangerous giver, who gives without expecting anything in return.

  • Act like the shepherd not the sheep

The act of influencing people doesn’t consider age, just like age is not a factor when it comes to leadership and followership.

I have seen in many occasions where a family’s business right was handed down to the younger son instead of the older one to manage by the father.

Now some people will see this as an error!

Apparently, the father considered the younger son more influential than the elder son.

To be influential you need to act like the shepherd at all times, knowing that so many people depend on you to carry them along and solve their problem. They need to know you’re always available and capable of handling all their problems when they run to you, regardless of whether they are older than you.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of charisma and carriage

You need to be a charming, lively person, people often want to be around someone who brings out the best in them and make them happy.

To influence people, you need to know how to talk, smile a lot, crack jokes, advice them and also listen. You can refer to my article on “The Fine Art of Friendship, How to Win Any Friend Over”, this would guild you more.

  • Be calm and in control of every situation

Influential people are calm in all situations even when they are in pressure. Just like the lion is calm when you infringe on his territory, he observes carefully at your intentions before launching an attack.

To be influential you have to be in control of every situation you find yourself, most especially in times where people look of to you.

You need to assured them you are on top of the situation even though you have no clues on what to do at that moment. You need to process the situation very fast and come up with a solution.

Because that’s what influential people do.

  • Don’t Show Weakness

A weak man cannot posse the power to influence people. A man that chickens-out and is anxious in every situation or gives up every seconds cannot influence even a fly.

People need to see that you are capable, that when they put their trust in you, they are protected and covered at all times.

Like a lion you have to defend your territory and the people who trust and pledge their loyalty to you.

  • Slow to Anger

Finally, influential men are not angry men, they are wise enough not to take offence or let little things get to them.

They show mercy where fools show pride. They pride themselves knowing what they are made of; a rolling stone which cannot be stopped by splashes of water.

I am Abel Wealth

These are some of the principles you can use to wield the power to influence people.

Many thanks for reading, kindly share if this inspired you!

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