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The Fine-Art of Friendship – How to Win Any Friend Over

By on April 15, 2020

The Fine-Art of Friendship – How to Win Any Friend Over

How to win any friend over, either male or female, you must understand the fine-art of friendship and inculcate them in your everyday life.

Abel Wealth

Have you ever sat down and visualize how people think, behave or do the things they do? You’ll definitely realize that God is so great and diverse in HIS ways. We have about 7 Billion people living in this world, and each and everyone have a distinct characteristic that distinguishes them from another.

You see everyone on this planet earth possess a trait which is only specific to them.

Awesome isn’t it? Knowing you are dynamic and there’s only one copy of you on earth, no one is like you. Although there may be someone out there who looks exactly like you (doppelganger), yet something must be different.

In order to understand how to win any friend over, you need to appreciate the uniqueness and diversity of humanity first.

I use to have this acquaintance that stayed some blocks away from my flat. I really liked her and have thought of ways to make her my friend. She’s the kind that keeps distance always on a rush each time I see her. Obviously you can tell she wants nothing to do with a stranger, she’s always keeping that long face and never talks to anyone.

So I brought my box of The Fine-Art of Friendship, don’t ask me what the box contains lol, I rolled out some tricks on how to win her over.

On one faithful day, I approached her while she was returning back from work.

“Hello good day” she paused for some seconds and gave me that long face

“My name is Mr Wealth and I realize you stay the next flat close to mine, how come you never talk to anyone” She fawned, just what I expected.

“Please I’m in a rush, can’t really talk now, maybe some other time”, she said and walked away.

Haha, now I know why she acted the way she did, it’s her temperament, she’s not rude, but just shy and can’t stand the presence of a stranger or should I say a nice guy.

I would tell you how I won her friendship later on.

The point I want to make here is that you need to realize that all your friends cannot think or act the way you do, it is very imperative to understand their temperament.

Study your friends and decipher how they think and behave, then you can penetrate and win them over. You need to understand how they think and act, what they love and how they react in different situations.

In studying a friend you want to win over, one key factor that has to be taken into cognizance is ‘their weakness.’

All men on earth have their weakness. Even the Great SAMSON in the bible had his weakness.

You may be thinking why should I study my friend’s weakness?

It’s normal to think this way. As humans, most times the bad ones among us use the weakness of others to plot their downfall and evil.

Have you ever thought of what happens if we use the weakness of people to plot their success?

Let me illustrate…

Let’s say for example, you observed your friend likes gambling, this is his weak point, he throws away money on gambling. Instead of using his weak point constructively by encouraging him to stop, or suggest a business he can invest money and make 100% profit (that’s the rationale behind gambling, doubling your money right), you rather watch him waste that money in a bid to become a millionaire overnight.

I often wonder, what is the possibility of winning $10 Million with just $10?

 It’s like a camel passing through the eye of a needle, far from possibility, that’s what the mindset of gamblers foresees. Something that is almost impossible, you see those that run gambling business make a whole lot of money, because they make victims believe they can win a jackpot with just some few bucks.

So their victims keep playing every day with the hope that one day they might hit that jackpot.

Do some of them even win?

Yes some of them do, but among 10,000 people that played, only 2 might hit the jackpot. So tell me, what’s the possibility that you might be the lucky one?

Haha, you see, it’s a total waste of time.

In my future post I will be writing on “The Psychology behind Gambling.” I’m sure this would help some gamblers quite this unhealthy habit. I have seen it destroy men, homes and destiny.

While growing up, I could remember what gambling did to my dad. Personally I believe gambling is not just addictive, it is also a lazy man’s way of making cheap money. Maybe in my further post I will write on “What Gambling Did to My Dad.” I am not promising; it depends on how inspired you guys get me. Just maybe, if I see more likes and comments on this article, then I might shoot.

Now let’s head back to the topic of the day, how to win any friend over.

So if you want that friend to become loyal to you, tell him about a business he can invest $10 and get $1,000. Make him understand you’ll give back his $10 if the business doesn’t work out. I can assure you if that business makes $30 interest, you friend will be forever indebted to you.

That’s one of the tricks on “The Fine-Art of Friendship”, offer you friend something he/she will never forget and bam! You’ll win them over for life

Let’s head back to my story…

So I did some studies on the lady I was trying to become friends with and discovered she loved fresh fish. There’s a joint she usually patronize and she normally buys and take it home to eat.

So I polished my fovourite leather boot then got ready for my next move. I made it to the joint earlier before she did. Prior to that, I befriended one of the bartenders and inquire what time the lady normally shows up. I got to realize she’s always around every Saturday evening. So here was I on that faithful Saturday evening.

She walked in some minutes past 7pm and made her order as usual, when she wanted to pay the bar man he rejected and said “that young man paid for you”, pointing at my direction.

She smiled for the first time, shook her head and waved at me.

Wow, that did the magic, a simple kind gesture.

We became friends and some time we hang out and talk. That’s where it stopped ok; hanging out and talking. So don’t think any other thing went down, lol.

The reason for my story is that I want you to pick something out; people crave to be loved, understood and shown kindness. In the Fine-Art of Friendship, to win a friend over you have to first understand them, show some love and kindness.

I also explained the power of giving in my article on How to Wield the Power to Influence People, trust me it’s another powerful article, it more about leadership skills, you should definitely check it out.

The only way you can truly show kindness and love is by giving. A girl will never believe you love her if you don’t show it by gifting her. No matter how small, she’ll appreciate is more than a thousand “I LOVE YOU’s”, sorry, but it’s the truth

So one of the strategies of winning friends over is by studying their temperament and giving, I have listed bellow other strategies you can also use that works like magic.

  1. Study the temperament of your friend
  2. Realize their Weakness and use it constructively in winning their trust
  3. Entreat them with gifts.
  4. Be tolerating and patient with your friend
  5. Make him/her understand you’re the only person who can keep their secret
  6. Understand what he/she likes and try to satisfy them
  7. Don’t be judgmental, everyone makes mistake
  8. Complement them regularly, but don’t flatter
  9. Build a bond by constant association with them
  10. Always Listen and see things through their own eyes

I have just listed this point, for an in-depth knowledge of the point listed above and more insight on how to win any Friend over drop a comment and I will be happy to answer any of your questions.     

I hope this was helpful, and you learnt a few tips on how to win any friend over.

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You’re always my friend!

Abel Wealth

2 comments on “The Fine-Art of Friendship – How to Win Any Friend Over

  1. This is rich indeed! I found it interesting and educative! Wow Abel, see how far you’ve come and I know God will place you far above to be outstanding amongst others.
    I wonder how we fell out as friends but it’s all good. I’ll always drop by to have a good read and have a take home or two.
    Sense will never leave you.
    Your pen won’t run dry. Ever!
    The sky’s your spring board. ✌♥

    1. Hi Emmanuella,

      I’m humbled by your kind words, thank you so much for taking time to read this piece. You can’t understand how much this means to me.

      I’m still trying to recall the name though, I’ll like to rekindle that friendship, perhaps, you can help me out.

      Warm Regards!

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