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Insight Into the Mindset of How People Think and Behave

By on April 18, 2020

How People Think and Behave

Have you ever imagined how people think and behave the way they do. ?

The action and inaction you take is connected to the thoughts that run through your mind during day time and at night.

Have you observed how easy it is to handle stress during the day and very hard at night? This is as a result of so many distractions during the day time. Even tough decisions are made during night hours, like when you have something really important to discuss with your spouse, “night time is always the right time.”

You know what I mean…

My article on The fine Art of Friendship inspired me to figure out how people think and act the way they do. So I did some research, coupled with past experiences and came up with these theories which I am going to list and dissect.

Now this article is intended for you to understand people more and also enhance your relationship with them.

I have listed some point bellow which I’ll pick few to discuss.


  1. There’s Reason for Every Action Taken
  2. People get influence Genetically
  3. Peer Group Influence Peoples’ Action
  4. Consider the Environmental Factor
  5. Family History Also Count
  6. Lack of Money Makes a Man wary
  7. Love is Fundamental
  8. Motivation Works
  9. The Heart of Appreciation
  10. The Fear of Failure Limits a Man’s Vision
  • There’s Reason for Every Action Taken

What is the mindset of a serial killer?

Have you ever imagined the reason why someone would find pleasure in taking the lives of other people?

How about those who engage in the dreadful act of robbery, risking their life for some dollars?

Ok, let’s narrow it down to you, how come you enjoy yelling and inflicting pains on your children and wife from every slight provocation?

Now you’re saying “thank God, he’s not referring to me, I’m not married, I don’t have kids”, yet in your place of work, you inflate prices of goods to get an excess which is siphoned to your pocket.

You rock yourself as a sharp guy…

Have you sat down to think of the reason why you cheat in exams?

Ok, now you’re a beautiful lady, you keep 10 male friends and demand a monthly up-keep of $30 dollars from them each, have you considered the reasons for your action?

When you observe carefully all the points mentioned above, then, you’ll understand that there must be reasons why people engage in this acts. Some would tell you it’s the environment they find themselves, while others would say it’s the influence of the friends they keep.

Even armed robbers will explain reasons why they went into robbery.

Some could be as a result of their family background, while others are motivated by love.

The point I am trying to establish here is that, “there are reasons for every actions.” So don’t be too quick in judging people, give them an opportunity to explain.

Let me share this short story…

I have a friend who grew up in a house where his mother engaged in prostitution to raise him and his sisters. Now when this friend of mine became of age, he took from his mother’s trade and engaged in pimping of girls.

You know what I mean by ‘Pimping of girls.’ Connecting girls to be used by men for money.

Also his sisters grew up and became a prostitute, also taking after their mother, who was now a “MADAM” in the business.

So would you blame them?

Thank God he listened to my counsel, today he no longer engage in that dreadful act of pimping girls, and also he was able to influence his two sisters to stop the trade.

How did this happen?

I listened, understood and figured out why my friend took those steps. I was not in a rush to criticize or condemn, rather I embraced, show them love, and lead them to the right path.

 You see, people always have reasons for their actions.

Find out the reasons behind their action and you’ll be amazed at your discovery.

  • People Get Influence Genetically

What is genetic?

It is the transmission of inherited characteristic, DNA to species, isn’t it?

So a son of a singer is likely to become a singer when he grows up, take Femi Kuti, the elder son of Fela Kuti as a clear example.

Also the son of a policeman is likely to become a Sheriff one day, so also the son of a tyrant is likely to become a dictator someday.

That’s the reality of genetics for you.

Some people have a built-in characteristic and decision making tendencies inside them passed on from their parents.

It might not manifest while they are kids, not until when they are fully grown up.

For instance I am sure Femi Kuti, the son of late Afro Music Icon Fela Kuti would have probably said he wanted to become a doctor when he was a kid.

I could recall in my tender days, I wanted to be an aeronautical engineer, I loved airplanes.

During my Junior WAEC I did badly in most of the courses that would have landed me in the science class. Today I’m a freelancer and passionate writer. That’s the dynamics of life for you.

Genetics plays a vital role on how people think and behave.

  • Peer Group Influence Peoples’ Action

During my childhood days, I had these set of friends who were all Muslims, we were so close, I spent virtually my after school hours in their house, playing video games and they also visit my house too and we played video games a lot.

Now I was so used to them that on Sundays when I was to go for church service, I sneak and go over to their house, and we will play video games till when Church service closes, than I will return home and pretended I went to Church.

I know your laughing, its typical things kids do.

Also my friends will sneak to my house some days when they are ask to go for Islamiat (Islamic Studies Lesson) and we would play video games till when it’s closing time for the Islamic School, then they would return home.

You see how we both influence ourselves. That’s the power of peer group influence, the company of friends around a person influences the way they think and the things they do.

“Show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are.” It’s Very true isn’t it?

You can hardly find a thief or pocket picker handout with a devoted altar boy or a priest. Neither can you see a musician having friends who are all footballers.

When you think of the action Mr A took, then you should also consider his peer groups and the people around his life, because they play a vital role in his decision making and the things he does.

If you happen to be a close friend to a thief, but you’re a decent young man, then your lacking the power of influence, you can refer to my article on “FINE ART OF FRIENDSHIP; HOW TO WIN ANY FRIEND OVER.” This would be very resourceful, because you need to influence your friends positively.

“To become a respected man, you need to wield the power of influence, most especially “The Power to Influence Yours Friends.”

  • Consider the Environmental Factor

I grew up in an environment where virtually every teen used alcohol, so yes I started drinking at a tender age. Most of my friends at that time also used alcohol. In the street where I grew, we had about 8 drinking joints around that vicinity alone.

Surprised right?

I try to use myself as an example to portray that nobody is perfect in life, that’s the more reason why you should give people  chances, by not judging them too quick.

Even if you wanted to live a decent alcohol free life, the environment matters, when you live in an environment where virtually everyone uses alcohol, you tend to see it as a normal way of life.

Environmental factors affect the way people think, behave and the actions they take. You can’t expect a female child who grew up in a ‘Red Light District’ an environment where there are hotels, clubs and hookers everywhere to live a decent life.

When you see some good looking female hookers, don’t be judgmental, sometimes if you hear their stories, you’ll marvel at how much they have endured, and how broken they are.

A female child, who grows up in such environment mentioned above, is likely to become a hooker.

The environment you find yourself, have the ability of influencing who or what you’ll become in life. This shouldn’t be seen as a weak point, you can always correct the damages an environment had caused on you.

I did it, you can do it also.

If you need help or counseling in this direction, kindly contact me.

I have explained some insight into the mindset, full article coming soon. Keep checking in.

If this was useful to you please share…

Always remember, “You’re in charge of you!”

Abel Wealth

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Insight Into the Mindset of How People Think and Behave written by Abel Wealth

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  1. This was really interesting to read, made me realize the choices people make are affected by a whole lot of factors, thanks for sharing this thoughts

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