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 It’s late, most of the guys had retired to bed, and I still, will not give up, my friend Max was getting married, Damm!

Am always the last man standing when it comes to alcohol, not to talk of today, the last day my good friend Max would be called a Bachelor. 

I poured more wine in the glass cup, Max held my hand as I reach to take a sip from the glass cup, “buddie, as he usually calls me, it’s enough, tomorrow is my wedding, I wouldn’t want you to mess up” 

“Come on Max, you forgot who I am, I don’t get drunk easily.”

Now we were on the 5th bottle of wine and my eyes were slowly feeling heavy, I was fading out. Max stood up, “let’s call it a day, see you tomorrow. 

I gulp the last wine in my glass cup, stood up and headed to the street. It was 12:30am, now I know am really fucked, the street was  empty and still as dead, I put both hands in my pocket with little or no hopes of getting home anytime soon.

To be continued…

Hi, I warmly welcome you to my blog, my name is Abel Wealth and this is my personal diary.

I will be writing on my life experiences (My Story) on how I started as an amateur blogger and how I’ve been able to build my brand over the years.

I will also feature life experiences of other people, mentors both in Nigeria, Africa and around the word.

This blog is designed to inspire people who have gone through difficult times, experiences, addiction of all kinds, trauma and rejection.

I will also be sharing with you some key techniques in creating wealth and becoming your own boss.

This site will also have other contents like blogging tips, Health and Wealth, Business Ideas and lots more.

No one is perfect, so I encourage you to criticize this blog constructively and suggest ways I can improve both in my writing as well as the content.

I’ll so much appreciate your feedback.

Happy Surfing.

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